Adapters for the ZS/TZ Series


Some Available Options

Unlike the FZ series, Panasonic does not provide adapters to allow the ZS/TZ models to be used with add-on lenses.  However, there are various third party options which will enable filters, macro lenses and teleconverters to be used on the ZS/TZ models.

DIY options

I used the tube from an old pair of binoculars to make a threaded adapter for my ZS3/TZ7 as described here.

I added a threaded tube screwed to the same adapter as above, to fit the longer-extending lens of the ZS20/TZ30, as described here.

Third Party Adapters/Mounts

There are several different adapters/mounts available for purchase online which are generally based on  a threaded bracket which screws into the tripod mount on the camera.  These have an adjustable threaded ring at the front of the bracket which encircles the extended lens of the camera.  Filters and/or lenses can be attached onto the ring via the thread, using step rings if necessary. 

I’m grateful to Sherman Levine for providing this information (discussed here) and for the following links:

I’ve listed some further options below:

This adapter from BugeEye Digital specifies a ring diameter and bracket length which appear to suit the TZ/ZS models up to and including the ZS30/TZ40:

The following adapter is designed for telescope use but could be used for teleconverters:

Ron Tolmie posted on the DPR forum that he used a 58mm FZ100 adapter and he provided an image of his setup here:

A Note of Caution

Apart from the DIY adapter which I made myself, I have not personally tested any of the other options listed here.  Before commiting to purchase it would be best to check that the dimensions, etc of the item would be suitable for use with any particular ZS/TZ model.  For instance, as noted above, the lens of the ZS20/TZ30 extends further than does the lens of the ZS3/TZ7.

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