Closeups of Oil and Water Droplets


Closeups of Oil Droplets Floating on Water

A simple setup can be used to create interesting images from closeup shots of oil floating on water. All that is needed is a sheet of muliti-coloured paper (or coloured fabric) laid on a flat surface, with a glass bowl 2/3 filled with water supported over an inverted glass tumbler placed on the paper.  If the bowl is large or not circular, more than one inverted tumbler, of the same height, may be required. Add a few drops of clear mineral or vegetable oil onto the water's surface and mix it so that oil droplets of various sizes are formed.  Then mount your cam, with a closeup lens attached, on a tripod above the water surface and focus on the droplets.

I used my Canon 250D closeup lens (+4D) on my ZF38 to give sufficent distance and magnification.  Reflections from the coloured paper give a range of colours to the oil droplets.  The colours vary depending on the positions of the oil droplets on the surface, so moving the camera slightly across the water can give a totally different image.

I have shown two of the resulting images below (click on an image for a larger view).  To me they suggest planets in space or sci-fi.

Closeup images of oil droplets on water

I made a short HD movie from some images I created this way, and it can be viewed here:

A variation: water droplets falling onto water

Instead of adding oil, a similar setup can be used with water dropping onto the surface of the water in the bowl.  The images that are produced can be quite interesting and abstract looking.

Here are a couple of images that I obtained by this method (click on an image for a larger view):

Closeup images of water droplets falling onto water

I also made a movie out of some of these images, which is shown here:

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