Filters with the ZS30/TZ40


The ZS30 with an Infrared Transmitting Filter

I tested the ZS30 with a 55mm Hoya R72 IR filter using the adapter described here.  Although the exposures were relatively long due to the camera’s inbuilt IR blocking filter, it was possible to take hand-held shots using moderately high ISO settings.  The results were discussed on the DPR Panasonic forum here:, where further images and the full sized versions can be downloaded.

As suggested there, I tried the ZS30’s “Hand Held Night Shot” (HHNS) and found that it did provide images that appeared to have somewhat less noise.  Below is an image taken outdoors in daylight using the HHNS (click on the image for a larger view):

ZS30+Hoya R72 filter, 1/5s, f/3.4, 800 ISO, 24mm

Infrared images of landscapes look eery because the high near-IR reflectance of leaves makes them appear unnaturally bright, while the sky tends to look black.

The ZS30 with a Closeup Lens for Stills and Video: Ferrofluid with a Magnet

I tested the ZS30 with a Canon 250D closeup lens attached using the adapter as described here. I spread a layer of ferrofluid (iron nanoparticles in a carrier) on a small area of a glass plate, and mounted the camera on a tripod to focus on a small section (about 3cm wide) of the surface of the ferrofluid. 

By moving a neodymium magnet towards the ferrofluid, the magnetic lines of force cause the ferrofluid to rise in small peaks.  When the magnet is moved close enough, the peaks break free from the surface and fly as small droplets towards the magnet and attach to it.

I used the 1080/60p AVCHD movie mode on my ZS30 to take video clips as I moved the magnet.  I edited the clips using iMovie (as described here) and slowed sections to yield the equivalent of 120fps or 240fps.  The resulting movie can be viewed here, where the full 1080/60p version can also be downloaded.

An image from the movie is shown below (click on the image for a larger view):

Frame from the 1080/60p movie

Green Jumping Spider: Stills and a Movie

Having chanced upon a Green Jumping Spider (Mopsus penicillatus) in the garden, I used my ZS30 (without any filter attached) set to macro to take hand-held still shots and 1080/60p AVCHD video.   I posted the results on the DPR Panasonic forum here:

The spider was a male, about 12mm long.  One of the still images is shown below (click on the image to see a larger view):

Green Jumping Spider: ZS30, 100 ISO, 1/320s, f/4.2, 48mm

Due to the clumps of hair on the sides of the head and the big front pair of eyes, I think the male's face looks rather like that of an orangutan!

During the day they hunt on foliage, their green colour providing camouflage. They are predators of insects and they can jump many times their body length. They prepare a silk line before they jump so that they can haul themselves back with it if necessary.

I took a closeup video using my ZS30, although being only inches away from the spider it was difficult to keep the picture steady as it moved.  I prepared a short movie which ends when the spider suddenly jumped, and it can be viewed here:

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