Macro with the ZS20/TZ30


Some Notes about Macro with the ZS20/TZ3

Closeup shots require the ZS20/TZ30 to be set to “AFmacro” (flower symbol)  using the down arrow on the control wheel.  (It is best to avoid the “AF Zoom” setting as this employs digital zoom and downgrades the image.)

I conducted tests which showed that in the macro setting, the greatest magnification (smallest field width) is obtained at 2x zoom at a focal length of 51mm (equivalent).  At this focal length the field width is 3.5cm, and the distance from the front of the lens to the subject is about 2cm.

The field width is slightly larger (around 3.6-3.7cm) at focal lengths of 30-47mm.  At shorter focal lengths (24-27mm) the field width is about 4cm and there is more barrel distortion.  In addition, at these very short focal lengths the front of the lens is very close to the subject and lighting becomes even more of a problem.

At focal lengths greater than 90mm, the field width becomes larger than that obtained by using telemacro.  In these cases it is preferable to use telemacro because the distance of the camera to the subject can be much greater and therefore adequate lighting of the subject is much easier to achieve. 

Telemacro Mode

Telemacro operates automatically in macro mode when the zoom control is set to 12x or greater.  The greatest magnification using telemacro is at 480mm focal length (20x zoom) at the closest focus distance, which I found to be 96cm from the front of the lens, and at this distance the field width is 8.1cm.  To put that into context, that is 4mm shorter than the length of a credit card.

I’ve shown below an image of the DVD that accompanies the ZS20, taken with the camera in telemacro and 20x zoom, from the minimum focus distance of 96cm.  At this magnification the deficiencies of the cheap plastic ruler I overlaid on the DVD can be seen(!). (Click on the image to see a larger view.)  The image is as OOC, and the full sized image (and that of the other image below it) can be downloaded from my DPR ZS20 Gallery at:

Telemacro image: 0.5s, f/6.4, ISO 100, 0EV, 480mm (equiv.)

Normal Macro Mode

The image below of the coin was taken in normal macro mode (not telemacro) at a focal length of 39mm (equiv.).  The image is as it was out of the camera (no processing).

Coin (about 37mm diameter): 1/50sec, f/3.9, ISO 100, -0.33EV, 39mm (equiv.)

The following section shows some still images I’ve taken with my ZS20 at different distances and focal lengths.

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