Movies Using the ZS20 (part 1)


1080/60p AVCHD Movies using the ZS20

I tried the AVCHD/60p video on my ZS20 with some hand held clips of a Rainbow Lorikeet  feeding on the flowers on a Golden Penda tree.

This is a still shot taken with the ZS20:


I edited the clips in 1080/60p using iMovie on my iMac, as described in the section on my website here.

The movie is just a short one (about 1 minute) and can be downloaded in the original 1920x1080,      60 fps, mp4 version from that link (80MB).  The versions as displayed on Vimeo (both HD and SD) are only at 30 fps, not 60 fps. 

The movie can be viewed here:

1080/60p Movies from Still Images using the ZS20

Still images taken with the ZS20 can be used to create a 1080/60p movie by importing the images into iMovie and using the “Ken Burns Effect” and adding a soundtrack.  The resulting HD movie can be played on a Blu-Ray player and viewed on an HD TV.  I have described the process in detail here.

I took a series of still images with my ZS20 in 16:9 aspect ratio (since I planned to use the shots for a HD video) at the 2012 “Sculpture by the Sea” exhibition held at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.  One of the still images is shown below (click on the image to view a larger version):

”Sculpture by the Sea”, Sydney, September 2012

I edited the stills using iMovie as described above, and the resulting movie can be viewed at:

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