Movies Using the ZS20 (part 2)


High Speed Movies using the ZS20

The ZS20 has a High Speed Movie mode which can shoot Motion JPG video at 220fps at a resolution of 320x240 pixels.  Although there are several limitations to its use, as described on p83 of the manual, I found that it can provide interesting results.

I made a short movie of falling water droplets using this mode from clips shot with the camera on a tripod.  I upscaled the clips in frame size using MPEG Streamclip and I used iMovie to edit the clips at 60fps.  By slowing the clips further with the speed control in iMovie I was able to achieve effective frame rates of 440 and 880fps.  Not surprisingly, the clips at 880fps did not play as smoothly as at 440fps, but nevertheless the result seemed to be reasonably watchable.  I also changed the colour to tag the different speeds and I added a soundtrack.

The resulting movie can be viewed at:

I also found that a useable animated gif could be prepared from a section of the movie using a Mac app called GIFBrewery (

The resulting animated gif can be viewed here.

A 1080/60p Movie from a Still Panorama

I found that it was possible to make a 1080/60p movie from a still panorama shot using iMovie and applying the “Ken Burns Effect”.  The result when viewed has the appearance of panning across the scene from one side to the other.

I made a still panorama of a speedboat moving across Sydney Harbour, as shown below (click on the image to view a larger version):

Panorama of a speedboat crossing Sydney Harbour

I used that image to create a movie using iMovie as described above.  The movie can be viewed at:

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