P900 with a +0.4D Lens


Reducing the Focus Distance of the P900 with a +0.4D Closeup Lens

The closest distance at which the P900 will focus at its maximum zoom setting of 2000mm EFL is about 5 metres (16 feet).  This can be inconvenient for taking macro shots of small objects in restricted spaces.

I found that a +0.4 dioptre lens which I had purchased some years ago was useful in reducing the focus distance at maximum zoom from 5m to a range of between 1.6 and 2.4 metres.  The lens is the Tokina 72mm achromat close-up lens which was designed for use with the Tokina AT-X 840AF lens.  A 62-72mm step-up ring is required to fit the Tokina lens to the front thread of the P900 lens.

Because the Tokina lens has a wide diameter (about 63mm) it does not cause any vignetting at any zoom setting of the P900.  The lens is of high quality, and being an achromat it provides sharp images right across the field from the centre to the corners, and the bokeh is quite circular.

The field width (magnification) of the P900 at max zoom (2000mm) with the Tokina lens varies only slightly across the focus range of about 1.6 to 2.4 metres.  At a distance of 2.4 metres the field width is 40mm and at 1.6 metres it is 37mm.  To put that in perspective, a postage stamp will fill the entire field.  Below is a shot of a postage stamp taken from 1.6m at 2000mm FL with the Tokins attached.  (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Postage stamp: 2000mm, f/6.5, 1/6s, 100 ISO

Example Images taken outdoors with the Tokina lens on the P900

Below are some example shots taken in the garden at various zoom settings up to 2000mm from a distance of about 2 metres (6 feet) with the Tokina lens on my P900. (Click on an image for the full-sized view.)

Cardinal Vine:  850mm EFL, f/6.3, 1/15s, 100 ISO

Cardinal Vine:  2000mm EFL, f/6.5, 1/25s, 100 ISO

Waterlily:  800mm EFL, f/6.3, 1/50s, 100 ISO

Ixora:  400mm EFL, f/5.0, 1/15s, 100 ISO

Blue Ginger:  550mm EFL, f/5.0, 0.5s, 100 ISO

Croton leaf:  320mm, f/5, 1/200s, 100 ISO

Croton leaf:  2000mm, f/5, 1/100s, 100 ISO  (from same position as above)

Bougainvillea:  550mm, f/6.3, 1/8s, 100 ISO

Bougainvillea:  2000mm, f/6.5, 1/15s, 100 ISO (the flower at left above)

Duranta berries:  800mm, f/6.3, 1/250s, 100 ISO

Beehive Ginger:  240mm, f/5, 1/10s, 100 ISO

Beehive Ginger:  550mm, f/5, 1/5s, 100 ISO (zoomed in from above)

Beehive Ginger:  20000mm, f/6.5, 0.3s, 100 ISO  (zoomed in from above)

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