Resolution Test Chart Reports


                  This section has been contributed by Dr James C Brown CEng FIMechE

A Novel Resolution Test Chart

This document describes the development and application of a novel test chart which has been designed to provide a simple reliable visual method for measuring the monochrome and colour resolution of cameras and camera/lens combinations with acceptable accuracy and consistency. 

The document includes recommendations for printing the chart, conducting the tests and interpreting the results which, as the chart includes vertical and horizontal scale lines, are independently verifiable.

Also included are sample images from a 3 MP Olympus Camedia, a 10 MP Panasonic FZ50 with Nikon and Panasonic teleconverters, a 14 MP Panasonic TZ30 and a 24 MP Nikon DSLR.

A copy of the document in PDF form (7MB) can be downloaded here.

Practical Application: Testing of Cameras

Tests using the charts described above have been carried out by DPR forum member Jerry045 on his cameras under the guidance of Dr J. C. Brown. 

A copy of the document in PDF form (2MB) can be downloaded here.

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