An Adapter for the TZ100


The adapter I used for the ZS60/TZ80 and ZS50/TZ70 is described here.  Although the lens ring on the ZS100/TZ100 has the same diameter, the lens extends further at the maximum zoom setting (by several mm).  Therefore, a longer adapter is required for the TZ100/TZ100.

I found that a generic single-section adapter called “For the Kodak P850 58mm” purchased for a few dollars gave a suitable length to suit the TZ100 when screwed onto the base section of the adapter I had used for the TZ80.  That adapter (a generic Canon Powershot G11/G12 58mm adapter) was in two sections which screw together.  To the front of the Kodak adapter I epoxyed a 52-58mm step-up ring.  Below is the TZ110 with the adapter attached and the lens at max zoom:

TZ100/SZ100 with the adapter attached

This adapter setup can thus also be used for the TZ80 by simply screwing off the Kodak front adapter and replacing it with the front section of the Canon Powershot G11/G12 adapter. 

Use of this adapter does not alter the camera permanently and it can be removed completely when not in use.  The adapter can be used to attach filters, such as ND filters or polarisers, closeup lenses (as described here), and teleconverters.   Use of a teleconverter in this way is described in the following section.

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