TZ100 High Speed Video


High Speed Video in Full HD with the ZS/TZ100

When the ZS/TZ100 was released in 2016, Panasonic did not include any mention of this feature in its press release or specifications list.  However, when the ZS/TZ200 was released in 2018 this feature was widely publicised in press releases.  This appears to have lead some review sites to assume that it was a newly introduced feature, to be found only on the ZS/TZ200.

However, the Panasonic TZ/ZS100 camera does have this feature, the same as on the ZS/TZ200, and which is implemented in exactly the same way.  It can capture high speed video (“slo mo” in playback) in full HD (1920x1080).

I made a test video demonstrating the 1080/120p high speed video, with slow motion playback at 30fps, which can be found here.

The duration of the clip is 1 min 38 sec at 30fps for an actual time period of 25 sec, thus the video is captured at 4 times that frame rate, that is, at 120fps, at a frame size of 1920x1080.

The procedure to set the camera for high speed 1080p video is described on p125 of the instruction manual, as follows:

First, set: Menu > Motion Picture > High Speed Video then use the up/down toggle to select [ON], and press [Menu/Set].

Recording is at 120fps (ZS100) or 100 fps (TZ100) in FHD (1920x1080), and playback is at 30fps (ZS100) or 25 fps (TZ100).

Switch the Mode dial to "Manual Video" and then video recording will be made at the high speed settings described above.

Note:  Cameralabs have now corrected their review of the ZS/TZ100 after I provided them with the above information.

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