TZ100 with Closeup Lenses


The TZ100/ZS100 with the Canon 250D Closeup Lens

The Canon 250D is a +4D achromat.  I tested my 58mm threaded version of the 250D on my TZ100 using the adapter described here.  For the tests I used a tripod and the printed calendar I had used in my macro tests on the TZ100 without any added lens, as described here.

At the closest working distance (WD) of 19cm, I took shots using zoom settings over a range from 67mm EFL to the maximum of 250mm EFL, and I measured the field width for each image. 


The results are shown in the table below. 

TZ100 plus Canon 250D: Table of Field Width versus EFL

As can be seen, the minimum field width of 38mm (maximum magnification) was obtained at the maximum zoom setting of 250mm EFL.  The working distance at which the camera would focus at maximum zoom was from 19cm to 25cm.  Thus it was possible to vary the field width from 38mm upwards, depending on the working distance and zoom setting which were chosen.

Below is the image giving a field width of 36mm obtained at 250mm EFL using the 250D.  (Click on the image for the full sized view.)

TZ100 plus Canon 250D: 250mm EFL, f/6.3, 1/25s, 125 ISO

As can be seen, the 250D achromat gives good IQ and the image is sharp across the entire image, with no visible fringing.

A field width of 36mm using the 250D gives a considerably higher magnification than the minimum field width of 58mm which can be obtained using the TZ100 without any added lens.  The higher magnification using the 250D is also obtained at a far longer working distance of 19cm, compared with only 5cm for the camera alone.  The longer working distance is an important advantage in terms of lighting the subject.

Various other achromats can also be used with the TZ100 using the adapter, to provide higher or lower magnification with the TZ100 than given by the 250D.

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