TZ100 with Teleconverters


The TZ100 with the Nikon E15ED Teleconverter

I used the adapter described here to mount my shortened E15ED teleconverter onto my TZ110.  The E15ED is a relatively small and lightweight TC with a power of 1.5x.  It has ED glass and provides good IQ.

With this setup I took hand-held shots of a power pole outdoors from a distance of 30m.  Below are SOOC JPGs taken at maximum zoom (250mm EFL) with and without the TC attached.  (Click on an image for the full sized view.)

TZ110 at 250mm EFL, without teleconverter: f/5.9, 1/1600s, 125 ISO

TZ110 at 250mm EFL, with E15ED attached: f/5.9, 1/1600s, 125 ISO

I prepared enlarged crops of the same subject area from each of these images to compare them, as shown below:

Crops compared: With TC at the left, Without TC at the right


As can be seen by looking at the wood grain and the bolts and nuts, significantly more detail is revealed in the image taken with the TC attached.

From the images I calculated that the actual magnification with the TC attached at that distance was 1.49x.  That magnification is closer to the actual 1.5x power of the E15ED than is obtained with that TC on other longer-zoom cameras which I have tested at that distance.  I assume that is because of the particular lens design and zoom range of the TZ100.

The magnification of 1.49x at 30m on the TZ100 at its maximum zoom of 250mm corresponds to an equivalent optical focal length of 373mm.


The results showed that the Nikon E15ED can provide good IQ with significant magnification when used on the TZ100.  Another TC which is of even smaller size and lower weight than the E15ED is the Olympus C180, with a power of 1.7x.  The C180, while quite sharp at the centre, tends however to be softer towards the edges.

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