ZS20 Resolution Testing 2


Testing of ZS20 Resolution with Aperture and Focal Length:  Results

The results were used to prepare the table below, which shows the resolution in LWPH at the available apertures for different focal lengths (zoom settings) for the ZS20.  Note that a limited range of aperture settings is available at a particular focal length.

These results were used to construct the plots shown below. (Click on the graph to see a larger view.)

Graph showing the variation of resolution with aperture at various focal length settings of the ZS20.


As was previously found for the FZ35/38, the resolution is highest at the widest available aperture for each of the focal lengths tested.  The resolution decreases as the aperture becomes narrower (higher f number) and due to the effects of diffraction, the resolution is significantly reduced at f/8.0 for all focal lengths.

Compared with the FZ38 (results shown here) it can be seen that the ZS20 has a somewhat higher resolution than the FZ38 at focal lengths at, and close to, full WA and the widest available aperture.  From mid-range focal lengths up to full tele zoom at widest available aperture, the ZS20 resolution is slightly lower than that of the FZ38.

Following these tests I examined the variation of the resolution of the ZS20 with different ISO settings, and this is described in the next section.

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