Adapters and the ZS30


Adapters for earlier ZS/TZ models

Although Panasonic has made no provision for adapters on the ZS/TZ series, some people like to be able to use filters, macro lenses and conversion lens on these models.  I had previously made an adapter for my ZS20 as described here, where other options that people have suggested are also listed.

An adapter suitable for the ZS30

The lens bezel on the ZS30 is wider and flatter than the narrow sloping bezel on the ZS20, therefore the adapter I made for my ZS20 was not suitable to be used on the ZS30.  The ZS30 has a lens bezel with flat surfaces about 4mm wide and 3mm deep which provides a much better basis for connecting an adapter.   A 55m threaded step-ring will not quite fit over the ZS30 lens bezel but it makes a nice fit when the thread is filed off.  (It's a pity Panasonic didn't provide a 55mm thread on the bezel!)

Some years ago I purchased a Canon TC which came with the Canon conversion lens adapter LA-DC58.  These adapters were made for the Canon G1, G2 and EOS digicams, and they are still available on eBay for around $10.

This adapter is a tube about 35mm long with a 46mm thread at the rear (camera) end, widening to a 58mm thread at the front.  The adapter needs to be used in the reverse orientation because the base lens element of the ZS30 is slightly too wide for the 46mm end of the adapter.

I used a a 52-55mm step-up ring, after filing off the 58mmn thread, and this gave a snug fit on the ZS30, making contact with both surfaces of the lens bezel.  The ring can then be epoxyed permanently in place.   Below are two views of the ring attached to the bezel of the ZS30:

Above: Front view of ZS30 with the ring attached

Above: Side view of the ZS30 with the ring attached

After attaching a 58-52mm step-down ring, the adapter can then be simply screwed onto the 52mm male thread of the step-ring attached to the lens bezel, as shown below:

Above: The adapter in place with the ZS30 lens fully extended

I connected my shortened E15ED TC using a 46-55mm step-ring connected to the other end of the adapter, as shown below:

Above: ZS30 with the adapter and shortened E15ED teleconverter attached

A 55-52mm step-ring is required to be added to be able to connect the Olympus C180 TC, as shown below:

Above: ZS30 with the adapter and Olympus C180 teleconverter attached

The total cost of the adapter setup is quite small, and the only work needed is the filing down of one thread.  It is possible that adapters made for other camera brands/models, or generic versions of them, may also be suitable for use in place of the Canon adapter which I used.

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