GPS and Wifi on the ZS30/TZ40


Setup for GPS on the ZS30/TZ40

Some people have found that the user manual for the ZS30 is lacking in regard to details of setting up the GPS on their ZS30/TZ40.  This has been discussed on the DPRevew Panasonic forum and various helpful suggestions have been provided there. 

The following are links to these threads:

Also, there is an extensive section about the GPS in the review of the ZS30/TZ40 by Cameralabs, here:

Setup for Wifi on the ZS30/TZ40

As for the GPS, people have had difficulties with setting up the Wifi and NFC.  The Camerlabs review is again helpful in this regard, and can be found at the above link.

Some further tips about etting up Wifi with a Mac are given in the links here:

A video guide to setting up Wifi with a Windows PC can be found here:

Some further information for Windows PC is given here:

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