ZS30 Image Transformations


Although this topic applies to any camera model, the testing I have done has been with JPG images from my ZS30 and ZS20 cameras.

I have used a freeware program (licence $27) called “SeamlessMaker” which is available for Mac, Windows and Linux at: http://www.hypatiasoft.fr/Folder_SeamlessMaker/Pages_HTML/SeamlessMaker_A.html.

The program is very powerful, and in addition to image transformations it includes image editing tools for levels/curves, white balance, unsharp mask at 8 levels of detail, denoising, despeckling, and correction tools for barrel/pincushion distortion and perspective.

There are 30 tutorial movies (links on the website above) which explain in detail how to use the various features.  The tutorials can also be viewed on Youtube at:


The image transformation tools include the Droste effect (a recursive picture), kaleidoscope (the final picture is seamless), mandala (with many options), conformal map (topography, projection), tiles, dithering, four-color decomposition (CMYK), cartoon, painting, anaglyph, and textures.

I have tried several of these transformations and the results are presented in the slideshow below.  For each I have shown the initial starting JPG image together with the resulting transformations.  The possibilites are endless, and these are just a sample, mainly based on images of flowers, leaves and trees.

Some Transformations Using SeamlessMaker

To view an image at a larger size, click on the image, and then click on the "Download" link.


Transformation and Correction of JPG Images