ZS30/TZ40 Resolution


The Resolution of the ZS30 compared with the ZS20

I compared the resolution of the ZS30 with that of the ZS20 at 100 ISO using the same test procedure as I had used previously, as described here.

Below are enlarged side-by-side crops taken from the same central part of the test chartboard images for the ZS30 and the ZS20.  The lighting and other parameters were kept the same for both images, and both images were taken at 34mm (equiv.), f/3.7, 1/2s, and 100 ISO.  (Click on the image for the full-sized view.)

Resolution charts compared at 400%

It is to be noted that while the readings from the charts are the same (1.5 pixel line thickness), the calculated resolution for the two models differs.  That is because the chart is calibrated so that when the camera (mounted on a tripod) is at the correct distance from the chart, the vertical black line on the chart has a length of 400 pixels in the image.  Since the vertical number of pixels for the ZS30 image is larger (3672) than the ZS20 (3240), the tripod needs to be further away for the ZS30 to obtain the correct length of the vertical line.

Thus, the resolution of the ZS30 = 3672/1.5 = 2448 LPH,

   and the resolution of the ZS20 = 3240/1.5 = 2160 LPH.

Hence the increase in the number of pixels on the ZS30 image sensor (and the higher pixel density compared with the ZS20) has been matched by the increase in resolution, due presumably to improved sensor technology and/or JPG processing.

It can also be see from the enlarged crops that the ZS30 image shows less noise in uniform areas of colour, better definition of the numerals and text letters, better colour rendition, and less of the white "halo" effect around the numerals and letters, than the ZS20. 

The improved IQ of the ZS30 is also confirmed by inspecting side-by-side enlarged crops of the plane fuselage taken from each of the chartboard images, as shown below.  (Click on the image for the full-sized view.)

Plane fuselage from the charts compared at 400%

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