ZS30 on a Trip


The Performance of the ZS30 on a Trip to France

After carrying out some tests on my ZS30 with stills and video I decided to take it as my main camera on a trip to France in June 2013.  The ZS30 has an improved OIS and better retention of colours in low light/high ISO compared with earlier models.  The 1080/60p video is also improved, with an additional axis of stabilisation, which helps greatly if taking video clips while walking. 

Therfore, despite its relatively slow lens as compared with my SD800 camcorder, I decided that for the purposes of a trip my ZS30 should be perfectly adequate, as well as having the beneift of its small size and weight.

Along with my ZS30 I carried SD cards, extra batteries and an external charger.  These can be purchased relatively cheaply from various non-Panasonic sources.

I took many thouands of still images on my trip as well as some video clips.  I used the 16:9 aspect ratio throughout as I planned to make HD videos.  I found that indoors in museums where the use of flash was not allowed, the ZS30 performed well.  I was able to take hand-held still shots in very low light with slow shutter speeds (even as slow as 0.5s) of still subjects, usually in P mode and iISO.  Outdoors I generally used P mode and a setting of 100 ISO, usually  with -1/3EV or adjusted as the situation required.

I processed the stills and video clips using iMovie on an iMac, as described previously here.  I exported the movies as 1080/60p MP4 using H.264 compression at 28Mbps.  I burnt the movies to a Blu-Ray disk using Toast, or uploaded the movies to Vimeo.

I was pleased with the results and I concluded that the ZS30 performed very well.  It is an excellent travel camera as well as being a very competent “all round” stills and HD video camera.

Still Images of France

Some of the images from the trip have been posted on DPR threads as shown in the following links:








Movies of France

The movies I made from the still images and movie clips I took on the trip can be viewed here.

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