An Adapter for the ZS40


The adapter I used for the ZS30/TZ40 (described here) is not suitable for use on the ZS40/TZ60 because the ZS40 lens extends further (by about 2cm) and the ZS40 has a wide rotating ring around the lens, as shown below.  This is unlike the ZS40 which has narrow and smaller diameter lens bezel and lacks a lens ring.

Front of the ZS40 showing the lens ring


I purchased a generic Canon Powershot G11/G12 58mm adapter (LA-DC58K) for $10.  These adapters are readily available on eBay, Amazon, etc.  This adapter is metal and is 57 mm long, in two threaded sections (37mm and 20mm long) which can be separated.  The shorter section has a female thread of 58mm and an OD of 60mm, which is the same OD as the ZS40 lens ring. The length of the two combined sections of this adapter allow the lens of the ZS40 to fully extend within it, and the OD of the adapter is the same as that of the lens ring of the ZS40.

Into the narrower end of the longer section of the adapter I fixed (using epoxy) a 52-55mm step ring, which fits snugly.  This provides a 55mm female thread to attach (adding another suitable sized step ring if required) filters and auxiliary lenses such as teleconverters and closeup lenses.

When the two sections of the adapter are screwed together, the thread at the wider end (60mm OD) of the adapter seats over the lens ring and the narrow gap between it and the lens bezel on the ZS40, aligning the adapter with the lens axis.

To attach the adapter to the lens ring I bought a 60-80mm worm drive metal hose clamp (width 12mm) for $4.  I attached a strip of thin cardboard 18mm wide to the inside of the hose clamp so that it was evenly aligned around the clamp.  I painted the clamp and carboard black.

This adapter setup cost a total of $14 and it avoided any permanent change to the camera itself.

Attaching the Adapter

The adapter can be attached to the ZS40 by placing the prepared cardboard ring inside the hose clamp over the lens ring, lowering the adapter into it and seating it onto the lens ring, then tightening the clamp with the worm screw using a small screwdriver.  This gives a secure attachment while still allowing the lens ring to function and rotate.  The image below shows the adapter secured in place with the ZS40 lens retracted.

ZS40 with adapter attached and lens fully retracted

The image below shows the adapter attached with the ZS40 lens fully extended to maximum zoom.

ZS40 with adapter attached and lens fully extended

This image below shows the adapter attached to the ZS40 with the Olympus C180 TC attached to the adapter.

ZS40 with adapter and Olympus C180 TC attached

This setup proved quite suitable for hand-held use of smaller TCs such as the Olympus C180 and the Nikon E15ED. 

It is possible to use the camera without TC with the adapter still attached.  This can be done by unscrewing the TC and the front (longer) section of the adapter, while leaving shorter section and the clamp in place, as shown below with the ZS40 lens at the full WA position.

ZS40 and adapter with front section removed and lens at full WA

This enables the camera to be used over its full zoom range, since the lens extends beyond the short adapter section even at full WA.

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