ZS40 Resolution Testing


Testing of the Resolution of the ZS40 and comparison with the SX700

Having obtained both the ZS40 and SX700 models I decided to carry out some tests using the “coloured Es” resolution chart developed by Dr J C Brown which I had used previously for testing FZ and ZS/TZ models.  A difficulty with testing long zoom camera models is that considerable floor space is required, since the camera to chart distance becomes very long when testing at the tele end of the zoom range.  That is why the camera review websites usually tend only to test at lower focal lengths in their studios, and often only at a single FL.

To anable testing over the full zoom range of the ZS40 I first carried out some printing tests which showed that using my Epson XP-600 printer I was able to print the Es chart with the scale line at a length of 4cm and still obtain clear resolution of the lowest row of Es (1.0 pixels).  This smaller chart enabled testing to be carried out indoors over the focal length range of 24mm to 500mm, and outdoors for only beyond that.  At maximum tele (720mm equiv.) the camera to chart distance was about 9m.

I prepared a chart board with prints of the Es chart and the black narrowing lines resolution chart (as used on several camera review sites) for comparison.  I placed the charts at the centre and the corners, and I also added other elements to the board including parts of an electronic circuit board, fabrics, printed materials and a colour chart.

I used an LED video lamp to provide uniform lighting on the chart board, and mounted the camera on a tripod with a quick release, making it simpler to remove and replace the camera without disturbing the tripod’s position.  The camera was carefully aligned so that the 4cm scale line covered 400 pixels on the image.  I took replicate shots using the 2 second timer to ensure reproducible results. 

I tested the ZS40 at full WA (24mm), 143mm, 500mm and 720mm.  At each focal length I tested at every available aperture and over the full ISO range from 100 ISO to 3200 ISO.  For every setting I took a fine JPG plus RAW.

I tested the SX700 at the same (or closest available) focal lengths: at full WA (25mm), 146mm, 495mm and 750mm.  At each focal length I again tested at every available aperture and the full ISO range from 100 ISO to 3200 ISO.  The SX700 does not have RAW capability, so only fine JPGs were taken.

On the following pages I have provided all of the full sized test images (and RAW files for the ZS40), which can be downloaded from the links.

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