ZS60/TZ80 Aperture Series Tests


Testing of the Resolution of the ZS60/TZ80 at Different FL and Aperture Settings

Using the same setup and lighting as for the ZS60/TZ80 ISO testing, I took JPG-RAW pairs at different focal lengths and apertures to determine the changes in resolution.  The full sized images can be downloaded from the links below.  Note: the JPG-RAW pairs for 600mm and 720mm EFL were taken outdoors, because of the longer distances required between the camera and the chart board.

At 24mm EFL (Maximum Wide Angle) and 80 ISO:

f/3.3     JPG   RAW

At 90mm EFL and 80 ISO:

f/4.9     JPG   RAW   

f/5.1     JPG   RAW

f/5.6     JPG   RAW

f/6.3     JPG   RAW

f/7.1     JPG   RAW

f/8.0     JPG   RAW

At 250mm EFL and 80 ISO:

f/5.6     JPG   RAW

At 500mm EFL and 80 ISO:

f/6.1     JPG   RAW

At 600mm EFL and 80 ISO:

f/6.1     JPG   RAW

At 720mm EFL and 80 ISO:

f/6.4     JPG   RAW


I evaluated the resolution from the centre triplet lines resolution chart for each image, and the resulting table is shown below:

For each focal length setting, the highest resolution was obtained at the widest available aperture at that focal length.  At each focal length there was a decline in resolution as the f number increased, and f/8 gave the lowest resolution in each case, presumably due to the effects of diffraction.

At the widest available aperture at each focal length the resolution was highest at 24mm EFL (2530 LPH) and declined as the focal length increased to 600mm, where it was 2040 LPH, which was also the highest value obtained at 720mm EFL.

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